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TR-AM-168083 Subsystem Completion Taking 4-8 minutes to Load or Completely Timing out

TR-AM-170592 TOP's/Certificates - Add Responsible Company Filter

TR-AM-170179 Checking out mixed work steps (completed/open)

TR-AM-170685 4 Boolean Fields Not Working in Documents Export

TR-AM-171320 Task Steps import is not picking the data in the "Parameter Reading" fields

TR-AM-171389 Incorrect version is showing in the About Box of QA site

TR-AM-171427 Import View Not Matching Field View

TR-AM-171526 Preservations - Outside Time Frame Not Honoured by Start Tasks & Print

TR-AM-173565 Users Without Manage Right Able to Upload Completed Form to Closed Tasks

TR-AM-170191 The loop task shows no matter the asset filtering, also it does not open Loop

TR-AM-171574 Add or Remove feature in SaaS WIX setup not working

TR-AM-171797 Pipe Pack/Skids Tasks not Adopting Pack Systemization

TR-AM-171886 Preservation Not Locking Record When Checked Out

TR-AM-172724 User Log Not Filtering Against Removed Date in Profile-Role Assignment

TR-AM-172616 Cert auto assign disciplines/company are missing, wbs creating issue

TR-AM-173685 Responsible Company Not Saved on Blank Certificate Creation

TR-AM-155845 Filters not working in Systemization tree export

TR-AM-156785 NCs created from Add Punchlist in Preservation Not Displaying/Only One Allowed

TR-AM-168179 Planned Task Manager - Duplicate Test Forms Being Created

TR-AM-164079 NOE merged form with QR Code cannot be uploaded back to system

TR-AM-164867 Document - Status Field not Exporting Content When Run from Reports

TR-AM-168742 Commissioning readiness report (System centric) incorrect NOE date

TR-AM-168744 Adding last modified date to import removals, prevent cascade delete triggers

TR-AM-170373 Error Message Kicking All Users Out of Site when Trying to Download Attached PDF

TR-AM-173900 Package not pulling executed forms into certificate section

TR-AM-173799 Don't filter by WBS removed-Certificate Does not Display Outstanding Punches

TR-AM-173894 Has Certs Column is Not Functional, Confusing for User

TR-AM-173795 Smart Form Custom Headers Not Displaying Data

TR-AM-172006 Loop Package Button Opens Login Page

TR-AM-164996 Flange Joint Tasks Paper Execution - Mail Merge Form broken in Main Panel

TR-AM-169780 Steps with 3 Radio Button/Alpha Numeric I nputs- N/A Not Triggering Initials

TR-AM-173459 Work Package - Editor schedule by Field