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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Release Notes (5.3.23)

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In this release:

  • Work Packages: You can view and manage Work Packages created in SaaS at its full capacity in online and offline mode. For more information on work packages manager available in Android application, see Managers in Android Application.

    • You can view and execute all work packages tasks associated with a project and its workflow status. You can view, search, sort, and edit a work package using Work Packages manager. For more information, see Work Packages. (3165558, 3165559, 3167199, 3166169, 3167202, 3818808, 3856509)

    • You can view punchlists, reference documents, checklist PDF's, and steps completions associated with a work package. For more information, see Manage Work Packages. ( 3167167, 3167225, 3340182, 3780728, 3781761, 3818791, 3818807)

    • You can now browse a work package by its location, systemization or WBS. For more information, see Using Search in Mobile Application. (3165559, 3167199)

    • You can now view and edit the assets associated with a work package. For more information, see Manage Work Packages. (3745352, 3781769)

    • You can now use Sync manager at its full capacity to check in, sync to upload, and sync to download for the work packages manager. For more information, see Using Sync Manager. (3167172, 3780906, 3856474)

  • You can annotate all the images associated with an assets, punchlists, or non-compliances for all the managers using PDF Tron and save them. For more information, see Annotate the images. (3493929, 3856477, 3635527, 2493928)

  • You can now view th admin list in Internal support section in offline mode also. For more information, see Contact Internal Support. (3616106, 3781768)

  • You can upload and download the attachments associated for the planned tasks both in online and offline modes. For more information, see Tasks. (3745471, 3745377, 3818770, 3818782, 3706516)

  • The auto-upgrade of an application is supported for Update 20 version. (3743705)