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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Release Notes (5.3.18)

Intergraph Smart Completions
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Release Bulletin
Smart Completions Version

This is the first release of Android version of Smart Completions. It includes the fundamental features of all four managers say Assets, Tasks, Documents, and Punchlists in Online mode.

  • You can view and edit Assets, Tasks, Documents, and Punchlists created in SaaS. For more information on managers and features presented in Android application, see Managers in Android Application.

    • Assets: View and edit assets associated with a project, and view all associated document tags.

    • Documents: View all Documents associated with a project, View Document Details, View Documents on a web page in a different window of your browser by using the URL icon, View, Download, and/or Print (to a Wi Fi enabled printer) the document in PDF format.

    • Tasks: View and execute all tasks associated with a project and their statuses, View and/or print a task form, View task details, and View reference documents associated with a task.

    • Punchlists: View punchlists associated with a project, view and edit punchlist details, create punchlists, and view reference documents associated with a punchlist,

  • You can now customize the field names of assets and punchlist modules according to the required settings of your organization. For more information, see Dynamic labeling.

  • In Smart Completions, projects are assigned in phases, stages and activities. Projects can be grouped by Location, Systemization, or WBS. For more information, see Browse by Location/ Systemization/ WBS.