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You can view the Punchlists created in SaaS and can make changes to them in the SCC application.

  1. Click Punchlists to view the punchlists and its properties in a list view.

    Punchlists with DS

    Select the C/O search to view the list of checked out punchlists. When the C/O is in default state, you can view all punchlists irrespective of the checkout status.

  2. Using a toggle, you can now filter out the completed punchlists from the list view.

    When the toggle is switched on, you can view the list of punchlists which include the completed punchlists as well.

  3. An Alert message is displayed when you execute a punchlist which is not tagged to both the asset and the task. Select Proceed to execute the punchlist.

    Alert orphan

The Punchlists module allows you to:

  • View all Punchlists associated with the project (e.g. Started) and their statuses

  • View Punchlist datasheet

  • View Punchlist details

  • Edit Punchlist (including the ability to Submit and Complete)

  • View Punchlist documents in the Reference Documents tab

    Click on Document URL Icon to view the document on a new tab of your web browser.

  • Create a Punchlist

  • Edit Tasks or Assets from Punchlist Manager.

  • Assign projects as phases, stages and activities

  • Assign systemization as plants, process areas, systems and subsystems

  • Assign location as plants, facilities, areas and locations

For more information, see Browse by Location/ Systemization/ WBS.

You can search for a specific punchlist using the column search and Search PunchLists option. To enhance your search experience, you can now multi-select the available search options lists. For more information, see Using Search in Mobile Application.

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