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For a planned task, you can assign one or more tasks as predecessor tasks. For example, Task A is set as a predecessor to Task B, you are required to complete the Task A before you can start Task B.

You can only set a task as predecessor using the SaaS application, and the same relationship is associated for the tasks when using the SCC application too.

While using the SCC, you can use it in either Online or Offline mode.


  1. While executing tasks, if a task has one or more predecessor tasks associated with the selected task, Dependencies Exist pop-up is displayed.

    task dependency

  2. From the Dependencies Exist pop-up, make sure to note the predecessor task details.

  3. Execute and complete the predecessor task, to start the execution of the successor or associated task.

Check Out and Sync to Download:

  1. If you check out a task that has a dependent task as predecessor, Dependencies Exist pop-up is displayed to alert that the dependent tasks will also get checked out if you proceed.

    Task checkout dependency

  2. Select OK, to check out the predecessor tasks along with the selected task.

    1. If the predecessor task is already checked out by another user, you cannot check out the selected or successor task.

      checked out by other user

    2. If the predecessor task is already checked out by you, then the selected or successor task also gets checked out.

    3. If you do not have access to any of the predecessor tasks as you are assigned to a different responsible company or work group, then you cannot check out the selected or successor task too. The system prompts with a message conveying the same.

      No access

  3. Click Sync, to check out the tasks along with dependent tasks.


When working offline, the execution of planned tasks along with the dependent or predecessor tasks work in the same way as online execution.

To complete a task while offline, you can get a sign off from a user on field that has a 4-digit PIN and can progress the workflow to Complete state. Otherwise, you can also upload your changes by checking in and performing sync. You can now get a sign off from another user and complete the task. Perform sync action to download the task with all changes to the device.

Check In and Sync to Upload

  1. You can see the list of modified tasks in the sync manager.

  2. You can check in the tasks in the same order, predecessor tasks have to checked in first and continue with the successor tasks check in.

    Sync Check in Tasks

  3. If you discard the predecessor task in the Sync Manager for Check in, the successor task also cannot be checked in.

    Checkin Tasks

  4. Prepare all tasks for Sync to Upload. The predecessor tasks should be in closed state before you can execute the selected task.

    SHARED Tip You will not be able to Sync to Upload unless you close all the predecessor tasks first followed by the selected tasks.