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Here you can the below information to configure Smart APIs by using OAuth 2.0 with Azure Active Directory (AD):


  • Register an application (backend-app Smart API) in Azure AD to represent the API.

  • Register another application (client-app Mobile/Postman) in Azure AD to represent a client application that needs to call the API.

Once you register to a Smart API application:

  1. Open Expose an API > Application ID URI and then click Set.

  2. Click + icon to Add a Scope, and enter the required information.

  3. Click Add Scope.

  4. Get access to the Application ID, Audience API, and Scope API values.

Register to your mobile client application:

  1. From the Sidebar navigation, go to Manage > API Permissions.

  2. Click Add a Permission, and then select My APIs.

  3. Select a user, and the click Add Permissions.

  4. Click Authentication, and in the Mobile and Desktop Applications section, provide the callback URL information as auth://com.hexagon.SmartCompletions.

Configure your API and client details using Smart API

  1. Open appsettings.json file from the Smart API application.

  2. Update the service audience and service issuer values.

    SHARED Tip The service ID is the same as application ID of API.

Token Name


Service Audience


Service ID


OAuth Issuer

  1. Update the client details in client.json file.

    SHARED Tip ID is application ID of client application registered in azure AD.

    Token Name


    Token Issuer URI



You can now start using the Smart Completions Mobile application.