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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Help (5.3.23)

Intergraph Smart Completions
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Once you login to the SCC application with your credentials, the landing page appears with all the existing managers as shown below.


You can access the following modules in the SCC application.

  • Assets

  • Documents

  • Tasks

  • Punchlists

  • Preservations

  • Non-Compliances

  • Work Packages

  • Flange Joint Tasks

When you log out and log in for next session, the selected project in the previous session is maintained as the default project.

From Update 22 onwards, you can use Assets, Documents, Tasks, Punchlists, Preservations, Non-Compliances, Work Packages, and Flange Joint Tasks managers in their full capacity in offline mode as well.


Using the Online toggle button, you can switch from online to offline mode when you have to work in out of network zones. You will be notified on your screen through display messages as below:

  • When you are offline due to no network coverage - You are now disconnected from network. You can continue to work in offline mode.

  • When you switch on to offline mode deliberately - You are now working in offline mode.

  • When you are back online - You are now online. Sync the offline data to continue your work.

For more details on how to use offline activities, see Sync Manager.