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Check out objects

  1. In the list view of assets, documents, tasks, punchlists, preservations, or non-compliances, select an object using the checkboxes from the C/O column. For example, if you are in task list view, and have selected a few tasks to check out.

  2. Click Keep Selected from the bottom bar.

  3. In the You selected the Tasks to be kept on device pop up page, click Checkout.

    • When you checkout, the particular task(s) are locked for you.

    • The list of objects checked out by you are shown in Green tick mark.

    • Any object checked out by another user is shown in Orange tick mark.

You can now download the checked out objects to your device, using Sync Manager.

Why am I unable to check-out the work package and its work steps from the device?

  • In the Work Packages manager, there is no check out of work package or work steps directly from the device

  • You have to check-out the required work steps individually in SaaS that are associated with a work package.

    You must have the manage rights to check-out the work steps associated with a work package in SaaS.

What is an Indirect Checkout of tags? How does it work?

Direct checkout is when you check out a preservation task and download it to the device for offline execution.

However, along with the downloaded preservation task, its associated assets, documents, and non-compliances are also checked out and downloaded to the device. Such tags check out is referred as indirect check out.

Understand what tags are downloaded to the device as part of the indirect check out along with a preservation

  • All the associated assets. You can edit and update these assets while you are out in the field for execution.

  • All the associated NCs of the preservation task and the associated NCs to the associated asset.

    • User can edit and update any checked out NCs by the current user, and are displayed with a green tick in the associated NCs tab of the preservation task.

    • You cannot edit or update the associated NCs that are checked out by another user. Such NCs are displayed with an orange tick in the list view of associated NCs tab.

      For example, there are two preservations PR1 and PR2 for a particular asset, then, if the first user U1 checks out a preservation PR1; the associated NCs for that asset are checked out too and are assigned to user U1. If user U2 checks out the preservation PR2, then the NCs belonging to the asset are also downloaded to the device for user U2. User U2 can see the associated NCs in the list view but cannot edit the NCs as they are locked by user U1. These NCs are shown with an orange tick mark to user U2.

  • Associated documents of the preservation and assets are also downloaded to the device for reference during offline execution.

Sync to download the objects to your device

  1. Click Sync Manager from the Home page.

  2. In the Sync Manager page, you can view all tags (assets, tasks, documents, punchlists, preservations, or non-compliances) checked out by you.

    • When you check out a task, which is associated with an asset, you will view your task as a child tag of the respective asset showing it as a parent tag. Similarly, if the same task has associated punchlists, then those punchlists are also grouped as the child tags of the same asset.

    • When you check out a task, a pop-up message is shown to choose on how to manage the associated predecessor tasks, see Predecessor tasks .

    • When you explicitly check out a punchlist from the punchlist manager, then the punchlists are grouped under the list of punchlists, not associating with any tasks or assets.

    • Similarly, when you check out assets or documents from their respective managers list views, the checked out tags are grouped under respective lists of assets and documents.

  3. Click Sync to Download, to all the selective group of assets, documents, tasks, punchlists, preservations, or non-compliances.

    • You can either select the tags individually or by groups to sync to download.

    • When selected either as individually or as group, the reference documents related to all the associated tags are also downloaded along with the selected tag(s).

    • Click Discard, for the items you do not wish to sync.

  4. Click Sync from the bottom bar.

    SHARED Tip In the Sync Process page, you can view the download progress of the tags to the device.

Work Offline

  1. To work offline, click the Online toggle to disable the network or you can work in offline mode while you are in a no network zone.

  2. Go to Sync Manager.

    SHARED Tip In the Sync Manager page, as a default view, when all toggles are on disable mode, you can view the assigned action tags for you to respond.

  3. In the Sync Manager page, you can switch on the toggle for Pending Sync, to view if any tags are still not synced.

  4. Switch on the toggle for On Device, to view the list of tags downloaded to the device.

  5. Perform the required actions on tags you'd like to work in offline mode. You can view, edit, browse, and search for assets, documents, tasks, punchlists, preservations, non-compliances, or work packages.

    When you toggle on the Pending Sync, you can view the tags you've worked on while you were offline and are pending for the sync process.

When you are finished working offline, and are ready to go back online, either toggle on the Online feature or find yourself in a network zone.

Check In and Sync to Upload

  1. To sync all the changes you've done on the tags, click Check In for individual or grouped tags.

    Sync progress

Why am I seeing an error while using discard, revert, or check-In for Preservations associated Non-Compliances?

The non-compliance items are created and attached for the rejected step actions of a preservation task. As non-compliances are created and attached at a task level, you cannot perform individual Check In, Discard and Revert for non-compliances associated with a preservation in Sync Manager. If you perform the said actions on individual non-compliances of a preservation, it displays an error stating " This action can't be performed. Please take action at parent task level."

  • Click Discard, for the items you do not wish to sync.

  • Click Revert, for the tags you have already selected to check in but do not wish to proceed to sync.

  • A green check mark is displayed for all the modified tags ready for Check In. You can either choose to Check in, Discard, or Revert your changes.

  1. Click Sync, to upload the tags with all the defined changes you have worked on while you were offline.

    Sync Process

    SHARED Tip In the Sync Process page, you can view the download and upload progress of the tags to the device.

  2. Sync process is successfully completed, and all the changes are checked in to the database.

  • The sync logs can be accessed using the SaaS platform.

  • You can also view the sync updates in offline mode using the mobile application after a successful synchronization.

Grouping of the work packages in the sync manager while uploading/downloading

  • Work package is associated with the work steps. Each work package may contain the task-centric and the volume-centric steps.

  • In the Sync Manager page, you can view all the checked-out work steps.


  • In Sync Manager, the checked-out workpackage is grouped according to the order sequence of the work steps. When there is no order sequence for the work steps, the grouping of work steps is done in alpha-numeric order. For example: (Object tag, Task id, and then Volume steps)

  • The volume-centric steps are listed in the following format:

    • When there is order sequence for work step: <Step number/Volume/Step id>

    • When there is no order sequence for work step: <Volume/Step id>

      You can view the order sequence of a work step in SaaS application.

  • Using Sync Manager, you can download all the checked-out work steps to the device.

  • When you download the worksteps to the device, the associated punchlists, assets, and documents also gets downloaded.

  • When you discard a work package at parent level, a pop-up alert stating "Discarding this work pack will also discard the associated work steps, tasks, punchlists, assets & documents. Do you want to proceed?". Select yes to proceed.

  • You can create a COW (Carry Over Work), or an IWP (Installation Work package) for a work package.

    Once a COW or an IWP is created for a work package, the execution will be performed through the COW/ IWP only; but not through the work package from which these are created.