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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Help (5.3.20)

Intergraph Smart Completions
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You can view and execute the Work Packages both in online and offline modes.

Execution of Work Packages

  1. In the Work Packages page, tap on the work package id; to go to the Steps Completions tab.


  2. Tap on the Item Tag hyperlink to access the related assets of the work package. It navigates to the Assets page, where you can edit and save the assets-related data. For more information, see Assets.


  3. Tap on the Task ID hyperlink to access the smart form related to the selected task. You can Accept or Reject the actions in the smart form.


  4. In the PL/NC Alert dialog, select yes to create a punchlist for the rejected step actions. You can view the punchlist under the PL column of the smart form.