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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Help (5.3.20)

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In Smart Completions, projects are assigned in phases, stages and activities. Projects can be grouped by

Once you clear your selection of filters, ensure to click on Browse to have the results shown by Location or Systemization.

  1. Location: This type of browsing helps you find/browse all the locations in a project. On clicking a particular location, you can browse by hierarchy any asset, document, task, and punchlists categorized under that location. (See Physical Location Tree )


  2. Systemization: This type of browsing helps you understand/ browse in terms of hierarchy, the module and the sub modules any assets, documents, tasks, and punchlists is associated with.(See Systemization Tree )


  3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): In Smart Completions, projects can be assigned Phases, Stages and Activities. For more information, see Work Breakdown Tree .

    This is only applicable for the Punchlists.