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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Help (5.3.12)

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You can view the assets created in SaaS, and can make changes to them in the Android application.

  1. Click Assets to view the assets and its properties in a list view.

    Assets list

  2. Click on the row to open the Asset Details page.

View and modify asset images

  1. Click on the asset image to see it in actual size.


  2. In the Edit asset page, do the following to add, delete, or update an asset image:

    • Camera Icon - Click to take a picture using the camera on your device.

    • Gallery Icon - Click to choose an image file (in BMP/PNG format) from the file system of the device.

    • Delete Icon - Select the image to delete, and click on Delete icon.

      A maximum size limit of 3 MB is set for each image.

The Assets Module allows you to:

  • View all Assets associated with a project

  • View all associated Document tags

You can search for a specific asset using column search and Search Assets option. To enhance your search experience, you can now multi-select the available search options lists. See Using Search in Mobile Application for more details.

Search assets

View and verify documents from asset list view

  1. Click on an asset, and then click on Documents tab.

  2. In the Documents tab, click on the document icon to view the PDF. The number of documents related to an asset are shown in the parenthesis beside the documents.

    Asset Document