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You can view the tasks created in SaaS, and can make changes to them in the Android application.

  1. Click Tasks to view the tasks and its properties.

  2. Click on a task name to open the task summary tab where you can view all the details associated with the task.

    Task Summary

You can search for specific tasks by using the column search and Search Tasks option. For more information, see Using Search in Mobile Application.

search tasks

The Tasks Module allows the user to:

  1. View all tasks associated with a project and their statuses

  2. View and/or print task form (if performed by paper)

  3. View task details (existing Punchlist items, and Assets if performed digitally)

  4. View reference documents associated with a task

    Task Reference Tab

  5. You can view the task steps in the Steps Completion tab, when the tasks has started.

    Tasks- Step Completion

How to edit an asset associated with a task?

  1. Open a task.

  2. In the Task Summary tab, click on the asset tag number to navigate to the Edit Asset page.

  3. In the Edit Asset page, you can update or modify the asset properties and can also delete the asset image.

If a task has just been created, you will not be able to view the Steps Completions tab. It appears as the task progresses.

How to verify documents from task module?

  1. In the task list view, click on a task.

  2. In the task details form, click on Assets tab.

  3. Click on Documents tab for the related asset.

  4. Click on Document PDF Icon icon to view the PDF.

    Click on Document URL Icon to view the document on a new tab of your web browser.

How to edit a punchlist associated with a task?

  1. In the Tasks list view page, click on a task which is associated with punchlists.

  2. In the Task details form, go to Steps Completions tab.

  3. Click on the punchlist number <PLXYZ>, from the step action table.

  4. You are now directed to the edit form of the Punchlist.

    PL Edit

  5. Edit the required information, and click Save.