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Intergraph Smart 3D and Smart 3D Admin Web API Installation and Configuration

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After configuring the app settings for the API services, you use the Configuration Utility to configure the service.

Before you move forward

The Configuration Utility checks to make sure everything is ready for you to configure the service. Before you can move on, you might have to complete other steps. If so, you'll know what you need to do by what you see next.

If you see this

It means that

So before you move on, you must

On the Welcome page, the Configure Database Connection & Prerequisites is automatically checked and cannot be cleared.

The database connection and/or RabbitMQ service is not configured.

Click Next, and complete the step in Configure database connection and prerequisites.

The Smart 3D Service Manager page.

The Windows service is not running.

For the Intergraph Smart 3D WebApi Service Manager Windows service, provide the username and password that the service runs under.

(Note that the same Windows service runs the services for both the Smart 3D and Smart 3D Admin web API.)

Because this login is used to run a Windows service, it must have Log on as a service rights on the computer. Unless you have set up Smart 3D to support database user access, this login is also used to access the Smart 3D databases so it must also have database access.

You're ready to configure the service. Click Next, and continue with Configure local instances of the Smart 3D Admin service.