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In general, the UID passed in a URL to identify a specific resource is the Smart 3D OID of the object. The format of the OID should be {00004E2E-0000-0000-3B0E-272AE4542704}, even for an Oracle database. A few Navigation properties do not use OID as the UID in a URL.

  • Sites - UID is the site alias defined during configuration of the web service.

  • Plants - UID is the name of the Plant.

  • Files - UID is combination of “Deliverable ID and FileType (of a given file belonging to same deliverable)” such “0001ADB4-0000-0000-2723-BC6495593904_Default”, where “0001ADB4-0000-0000-2723-BC6495593904” is Deliverable Id and “Default” is file type of file. Each deliverable contains a different set of FileTypes, which might vary from one deliverable to another. Examples include, "0001ADB4-0000-0000-2723-BC6495593904_Default", "0001ADB4-0000-0000-2723-BC6495593904_UpdateLog", "0001ADB4-0000-0000-2723-BC6495593904_IsogenMessageFile", and so forth.

  • Representations - UID is combination of "ViewId and 2D GroupId (of a given S3d object in the same view)" such "0001ADB4-0000-0000-2723-BC6495593904_42", where "0001ADB4-0000-0000-2723-BC6495593904" is ViewId and "42" is 2D Groupid in the view for a given Smart 3D Object.

  • SelectLists - UID is a combination of the Smart 3D package in which the select list is defined and the name of the select list. For example, the UID of the ApprovalStatus select list is "CORE-ApprovalStatus".

  • SelectListItems - UID is the value of the ValueID of the CodeListValue in the Smart 3D metadata. For example SelectLists('CORE-ApprovalStatus')/Items('8') returns the SelectListItem for the "Approved" value.