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The general format of a URL request to the web API is:

https://Host/WebApp/s3d/v1/Sites(‘Site Alias’)/Plants(‘Plant Name’)/Remaining Resource Path/Query Options


  • Host is the name of the web API web server

  • WebApp is the web application name defined for the web server

  • s3d/v1 is the service prefix

  • Site Alias is the alias for the Smart 3D database server and Smart 3D database combination. This value was defined when the web server was configured with the web API configuration tool.

  • Plant Name is the name of the Smart 3D plant, in the previously specified site, which is going to be accessed.

  • Remaining Resource Path defines the specific resource in the plant which is to be accessed.

  • Query Options are the standard OData query options.

For example, to return the properties of a pipe run named "MyPipeRun" from the MyS3dPlant plant, the following URL is used:

GET‘MyS3DSiteAlias’)/Plants(’MyS3dPlant’)/PipingRuns?$filter=Name eq ‘MyPipeRun’

<ServiceRoot> URL Syntax in this Document

To help keep URLs is this document readable, you will see <ServiceRoot> for the first part of the URL. For example:

GET‘MyS3DSiteAlias’)/Plants(’MyS3dPlant’)/PipingRuns?$filter=Name eq ‘MyPipeRun’

will be shown as:

GET <ServiceRoot>/Sites(‘MyS3DSiteAlias’)/Plants(’MyS3dPlant’)/PipingRuns?$filter=Name eq ‘MyPipeRun’