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Intergraph Smart 3D Web API Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart 3D Web API
Installation & Upgrade
12 (2018)

The following changes were made for this release of Smart 3D Web API.

  • You can now execute a filter and return the OIDs of objects using Web API. (P1 CP:329973)

  • Added OData filters that can be used to restrict the objects returned from a Web API. (P2 CP:292332)

  • You can now get the included properties of related objects from a Web API. (P2 CP:292333)

  • You can now select the specific properties for objects returned in a Web API query by using OData filters. (P2 CP:292334)

  • User can now navigate and get properties for Drawing Hierarchy using Web API. (P2 CP:292418)

  • You can now extract material quantities using Web API. (P2 CP:259406)

  • You can now modify the status of a S3D object using Web API. (P2 CP:259408)

  • You can now access both WBS parent and WBS children using Web API. (P2 CP:292361)

  • You can now access Assembly Hierarchy using Web API. (P2 CP:292363)

  • You can now page the data returned from a Web API query. (P2 CP:292370)

  • You can now navigate to catalog objects using Web API. (P2 CP:292371)

  • You can now access System Hierarchy using the Web API queries. (P2 CP:292410)

  • Added OData response now includes code list values. (P2 CP:293420)

  • You can now navigate and get the properties of objects in the plant. (P2 CP:294835)

  • You can now access Space Hierarchy using Web API. (P2 CP:306551)

  • You can now navigate H&S objects using Web API. (P2 CP:307612)

  • You can now access system hierarchy of civil objects, equipment objects, grids and ship structure using Web API. (P2 CP:307613) (P2 CP:307614) (P2 CP:307615) (P2 CP:309987)

  • You can now access S3D filter, S3D edges using Web API. (P2 CP:308559) (P2 CP:309504)

  • You can now access database created in Oracle using Web API. (P2 CP:311811)

  • You can now query the results from S3D filter using Web API. (P2 CP:312025)

  • You can now sort the OData collection. (P2 CP:312028)

  • User can now retrieve properties of specific classes that meet specific OData filter requirements. (P2 CP:313208)

  • You can now navigate from DBQ drawings to explicit related objects. (P2 CP:314381)

  • You can now access catalog data for piping and equipment, To Do records, Interference, Notes, Properties of related catalog objects of marine. (P2 CP:314692) (P2 CP:314755) (P2 CP:314758) (P2 CP:321194) (P2 CP:313941)

  • You can now install Web API using silent installation. (P2 CP:320421)

  • You can now get drawings output in PDF format using Web API. (P2 CP:336388)

  • You can now configure Web API using 3rd party OAuth service. (P2 CP:348516)

  • You can now get a document name when a object is selected using Web API. (P2 CP:333134)