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Intergraph Smart 3D Web API Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart 3D Web API
Installation & Upgrade
12 (2018)

There are keys in the web.config file that allow configuration of the service.

  • When a URL is submitted to the Smart 3D Web Server for execution, the web server submits a request to a Smart 3D process to execute the URL. The web server waits a maximum of 250 seconds, by default, for the request to complete. The caller receives a timeout error if the request takes longer. You can change the wait time by modifying the ServerTimeoutInSeconds value.

  • The maximum allowed $top value that can be specified in the OData query option of a URL is 10,000. Any value larger than 10,000 results in a 400 error. You can change this limit by modifying the MaximumTopValue value.

  • The maximum number of objects returned in a single page is 100 if a $top value is not included in a URL. You can change this limit by modifying the PageSize value.

  • Smart 3D Web API needs an open TCP port to stream file downloads using the TCP protocol. By default, Smart 3D Web API uses port 53386. You can change the default port or add multiple ports by modifying the AllowedTcpPorts value. If you use only one port and try downloading more than one file by multiple simultaneous web requests, then the file download operation fails. Be sure to open your firewall to allow inbound TCP connections to these TCP ports on the Smart 3D Web API Server.

  • When the ExecuteReport action is invoked, the report is generated and stored in the configuration database. You can access the stored report using the ReportInstance navigation property. This ReportInstanceExpirationInMinutes is the expiry time set for each of the ReportInstance to remain in the configuration database, beyond which the ReportInstance is deleted. The default value is 20 minutes. You can set a larger value if the report instances need to be accessible for a longer period. Note that a larger value means that ReportInstances remain in the configuration database longer and therefore will result in a larger database size.