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Intergraph Smart 3D Web API Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart 3D Web API
Installation & Upgrade
12 (2018)

This section represents deployment and load balancing information for Smart 3D Web API. Data in this section allows the administrator to specify the number of S3DServices instances needed for managing performance. Based on information in this section, the application decides to manage S3DServices instances.

  • "EnabledMachines"

    • MachineName - Machine for deploying an S3DServices instance.

    • HasIIS - True/False based on whether the machine has IIS. This property tells the application if the user can deploy frontend on this machine.

    • HasS3D - True/False based on whether S3D is installed. This property tells the application if user can deploy backend and services.

    • HasBroker - True/False based on whether S3DServiceManager is already installed. S3DServiceManager is needed for running S3DServices instances.

  • "Instances": There is a separate section representing the number of instances the user needs on a single server.

    • SiteAlias - Instances site name. The site name provided here must be present in the enabled site configuration.

    • PlantDatabaseName - Plant database information.


"EnabledMachines": [


"Instances": [


"SiteAlias": " S3DSiteDatabaseName ",

"PlantDatabaseName": " S3DPlantDatabase_Name ",

"Count": 1



"MachineName": "ServerMahineInformation",

"HasIIS": true,

"HasS3D": true,

"HasBroker": true