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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Analysis

Intergraph Smart 3D
Structural Analysis
12.1 (2019)

The mapping file is an XML-formatted file with which you can define mappings for section names, material names, member types, slab types, and user-defined attribute/properties between Smart 3D and the third-party software. The format for each mapping is given below. You can include all five mappings in a single XML file, or you can define the mappings in separate XML files and reference the five files in a single master XML file using include statements. Using separate files that are pulled together using include statements might be a better workflow as it allows you to quickly mix and match files for different requirements.

You cannot nest include files. Only the master XML mapping file can call an include file. You cannot call another include file inside an include file. An example of a master XML mapping file is shown below:

<!-- Comment Line -->
    <IncludeXML href="SectionStandard.xml" />
    <IncludeXML href="Material.xml" />
    <IncludeXML href="MemberTypes.xml" />
    <IncludeXML href="SlabTypes.xml" />
    <IncludeXML href="UserAttribute_Map.xml" />

Section Mapping

The <SectionStandard> area maps the software section names to the third-party section names. The software section names are labeled section name. The third-party section names are labeled externalname. When the XML file is created, the software section name is duplicated for the third-party section name. You must verify that the correct third-party section name is defined for externalname by manually editing the XML file.

<!-- Comment Line -->
    <Standard name="AISC-LRFD-3.0" externalname="AISC" externalorganization="user"
externaldate="2002" externalversion="1.0" />
            <Section name="W10x39" externalname="W10x39" />
            <Section name="W10x33" externalname="W10x33" />
            <Section name="W10x30" externalname="W10x30" />

Material Mapping

The <MaterialStandard> area maps the software material grade names to the third-party material grade names. You must have selected the Include material option when you created the XML file to see the material grade name mappings. The software materials are labeled Material type and grade. The third-party material names are labeled externalname. You must verify that the correct third-party material grade name is defined for externalname by manually editing the XML file. You must provide the external material standard name information by manually editing the XML file.

<!-- Comment Line -->
    <Standard name="" externalname="" externalorganization="" externaldate="" externalversion="" />
            <Material type="Steel - Carbon" grade="A36" externalname="A36" />
            <Material type="Steel - Carbon" grade="A529" externalname="A529" />
            <Material type="Steel - Carbon" grade="A588" externalname="A588" />

Member Type Mapping

The <MemberTypes> area maps the software member types to the third-party member types. You must create this section in a text editor. The software member types are labeled Member type. The third-party member types are labeled externaltype and externalrole.

<!-- Comment Line -->
    <Member type="Beam" externaltype="Beam" externalrole="" />
    <Member type="Girder" externaltype="Beam" externalrole="gantry_girder" />
    <Member type="Joist" externaltype="Beam" externalrole="joist" />

Slab Type Mapping

The <SlabTypes> area maps the software slab types to the third-party slab types. You must create this section in a text editor. The software slab types are labeled Slab type and composition. The third-party slab types are labeled externaltype.

<!-- Comment Line -->
   <Slab type="4&quot; Cast in Place" composition="CIP_4&quot;_Fc3" externaltype="slab" />
   <Slab type="4&quot; Cast in Place" composition="CIP_4&quot;_Fc4" externaltype="flat_slab" />
   <Slab type="5&quot; Cast in Place" composition="CIP_5&quot;_Fc3" externaltype="wall" />

User Attribute Mapping

The <UserAttributes> area maps third-party software attributes to Smart 3D properties. You must create this section in a text editor.

<!-- Comment Line -->
<Object type="CSPSMemberSystemLinear" externaltype="assembly_design_structural_member_linear" role="" >
<Interface name="IJUAStructuralFrameItemAttributes" externalname="IJUAStructuralFrameItemAttributes" >
<Attribute name="item_number" externalname="item_number" />
<Attribute name="item_name" externalname="item_name" />
<Attribute name="item_description" externalname="item_description" />
<Attribute name="life_cycle_stage" externalname="life_cycle_stage" />

<Interface name="IJUAStructuralFrameProductAttributes" externalname="IJUAStructuralFrameProductAttributes" >
<Attribute name="life_cycle_stage" externalname="life_cycle_stage" />

<Interface name="IJUAAssemblyAttributes" externalname="IJUAAssemblyAttributes" >
<Attribute name="assembly_sequence_number" externalname="assembly_sequence_number" />
<Attribute name="complexity_level" externalname="complexity_level" />

<Interface name="IJUAADSMAttributes" externalname="IJUAADSMAttributes" >
<Attribute name="key_member" externalname="key_member" />
<Attribute name="structural_member_use" externalname="structural_member_use" />
<Attribute name="Floor Thickness" externalname="Floor Thickness" />
<Attribute name="structural_member_class" externalname="structural_member_class" />