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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Analysis

Intergraph Smart 3D
Structural Analysis
12.1 (2019)

Sets options for placing a concentrated load.


Opens the Concentrated Load Properties Dialog that you can use to set load point options not available on the ribbon.

 Select Member

Select the members on which to place the concentrated load.

 Select Position

Identify the location of the concentrated load along the member. You can use the Tools > PinPoint and Tools > Point Along commands to help locate the concentrated load on the member.


Places the concentrated load on the member.


Clears the current selection set.


Accepts the current settings and activates the Finish button.

Load Case

Select the load case to which the concentrated load should be assigned. Create new load cases by using Load Cases Command .


Specifies the direction in which the load magnitude is to be applied. You can place loads in any of the six directions: Force X, Force Y, Force Z, Moment RX, Moment RY, or Moment RZ.


Specifies the coordinate system reference for the load. For more information, see Learn more about Loads.

Position As

Specifies how the load location is calculated from the start of the member. The location can be defined as Relative or Absolute.

A relative location can be thought of as a distance percentage along the member. For example, a load placed at a relative distance of 0.333 is located at one-third the member length measured from the member start. A load placed at a relative distance of 0.5 is located at the middle of the member.

An absolute distance is the actual distance from the start of the member. The software verifies that the absolute distance that you specify is not past the end of the member.


Specifies the position of the load.


Specifies the force of the load. The magnitude can be a positive or negative value, as needed, and is applied in the direction that you selected in the Load box.


Type a name for the concentrated load.