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12.1 (2019)

Creates and edits user-definable text placed by the designer on an object in the model. The notes provide special instructions related to the object for the fabricator and are available in downstream tasks. For example, the notes appear in two-dimensional drawings and within design review sessions.

Only one note of a given kind from a given object can be shown on a drawing. For example, if there are two fabrication notes on a piping part, then only one of the notes shows on the drawing. It is important to know about and to consider this situation when defining notes on an object in the modeling phase. For example, you can display one Fabrication note and one Installation note by defining two separate labels for the two kinds of notes.

Key point

Specifies the key point on the object to which you want to add a note.

Notes at this location, listed by name

Lists all notes for the selected key point on the object.


Displays the date that the note was created. The system automatically supplies the date.


Displays the time that the note was created. The system automatically supplies the time.

Purpose of note

Specifies the purpose of the note.


Specifies the login name of the person who created the note. The system automatically supplies this information. You cannot change this information.

Note text

Specifies the note text. The software does not limit the length of the note text.

Show dimension

Indicates that the note generates a dimension.

If you are displaying the properties for a Support component, then a dimension can be included for the component in the Support drawings, if you select the Show dimension option. The note must be associated with one of the key points for the Support component. It is recommended that you set the Purpose of note as Fabrication, but this is not a requirement. The note Name and Note text are not used when you select this option.

New Note

Creates a new note on the object.

Standard Note

Displays a list of standard notes from which you can select. This feature is not available in this version.

Highlight Note

Highlights the note in the graphic view so that you can easily find the note and the object to which it is related. This feature is not available in this version.

Delete Note

Deletes the currently displayed note.