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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Analysis

Intergraph Smart 3D
Structural Analysis
12.1 (2019)


Select the analysis model to export. You must create the analysis model using New Analysis Model Command before you can export the analytical data that belongs to that analysis model using this command.


Displays the description included in the CIS file. The description is the one that you entered for the analysis model that you are exporting. This field is read-only. If you want to change the description, exit this command, and then edit the description found on the properties of the analysis model.

Coordinate system

Displays the coordinate system to use to export the analysis model. The coordinate system is the one that you selected when you created the analysis model. This field is read-only. If you want to change the coordinate system, exit this command, and then change the coordinate system found on the properties of the analysis model. You can create new coordinate systems in the Grids task.


Specifies the person who created the CIS file. The default is the current system user name.


Specifies your company or organization name to use in the CIS file.

Export Units

Select the units of measure to use when writing the information to the CIS file.

CIS file

Define the file name and folder path of the CIMsteel Integration Standard file to write. The default name is the name of the analysis model.

If you need to update a third-party analysis model with changes made in the Smart 3D model after the initial analysis export from Smart 3D, you must use the same CIS file name for the update export. By using the same name, Smart 3D uses the existing file as input into the generation of the update export file. Smart 3D extracts the identity of the nodes and elements from the initial file and then uses this identification to create the new export file. If you do not use the same file name, Smart 3D creates new node and element identifications. Therefore, you will not be able to update the third-party analysis model because the node and element identifications will not match. For example, Model1A.stp was exported initially from Smart 3D. Now the Design Firm needs to send model changes to the Analysis Firm. The updated file to be exported must be named Model1A.stp. The original export file is renamed with a numbered prefix (based on the date) so the existing file is not over-written.

Include mapping file

Select this option to use a section name mapping file when exporting the member to the CIS file. A mapping file swaps the Smart 3D name for a section (for example, L3-1/2X2-1/2X1/4) with the third-party analysis software name for a section (for example, L3.5X2.5X1/4). You must create the mapping file using the File > New Mapping File before you can use the mapping file in this command.

Mapping file

Specify the mapping file to use if the Include mapping file option is selected.

Log file

Specify a log file name. You can view the log file by clicking View Log.

  • Only loads belonging to a load case that is part of a load combination definition are written to the CIS file.

  • The software does not write curved members to the CIS file.

If you have any questions about using this translator, please contact customer support. You can find support information on our web site.

Based-on CIS/2 Statement

Application Name:

Intergraph Smart 3D

Application Version: Version 2019 (12.1) 

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Translator Version: Version 2019 (12.1)

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Software Vendor:

Hexagon PPM
305 Intergraph Way
Madison, Alabama 35758  U.S.A.

The translators for this application have been implemented in accordance with the second release of the CIMsteel Integration Standards (CIS/2.0) for the following (combination of) Conformance Classes:

  • CC110, CC166, CC170, CC177, CC221, CC216, CC100, CC331, CC307

Type of CIS Translator:

Basic | DMC | IDI | PMR-enabled

Data exchange capabilities:

Import | Export | Import & Export

Level of implementation:

File Exchange | In memory | DBMS | KBS

Flavors supported:

EU | US | UK

Unit Systems supported:

SI | US Imperial

The vendor places the following riders on the operation of the translators:

  • element_eccentricity is not exported.

  • managed_data_deleted, managed_data_creation, and managed_data_transaction are not exported.

Date of Statement:

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Statement made by:

Hexagon PPM