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11 (2016)

Updates, prints, and refreshes document batch jobs without requiring a dedicated computer for the operation.

Available Actions

Lists the actions that you can perform within a batch job. The actions available are based on permissions and document type.


Refreshes documents on a batch queue.

Full Update

Updates all drawings regardless of the status of the documents, changes to the model, view styles, or graphic rules changes.


Updates documents on a batch queue.

For reports, embedded reports, and SPRDirect documents, the software only updates a document if it is in Out Of Date state. The software does not consider any changes made to the model, view styles, or graphic rules.

Save As

Specifies the file format to which to save Smart 3D drawings.


Schedules a document to be printed from a batch queue.

Actions to Queue

Lists the actions that are performed in the batch job.

Remove Icon Remove

Removes an action from the queue.


Removes all actions from the queue.

Action Options

Defines the parameters of an action. The displayed options depend on the selected action.

Template Name

Saves print settings as a template. Type a name in the box, and click Save Settings as Template. While optional, creating a new template is a quick method to submit a batch job with the specified options.

Save Settings as Template

Creates a user-parameterized action.


Removes a template from Available Actions. This option is available only on user-created templates.

Save As

Opens the Save As Dialog.

In the Output Folder field, select a shared folder through its UNC path. A UNC path has the general form of \\server\share.



Displays all printers configured on the client computer. The name of the printer on the batch queue must match for the print to be successful.


Specifies the number of copies to print.

Black and White

Prints a black and white drawing, if checked.


Indicates the orientation of the printed output. Select Portrait or Landscape.

Paper Size

Displays the paper sizes supported by the selected printer.

Use 64-bit if available

Updates drawings with 64-bit processes. This option is only available for Update actions performed on composed drawings.

If you select Use 64-bit if available and run Update on a folder component containing composed drawings and other drawing types, the composed drawings are updated with 64-bit processes. All other drawings are updated with 32-bit processes.


Creates the job and opens the Schedule Batch dialog box.

If you click Schedule with no actions in Actions to Queue, you receive a message, and the dialog box remains open.