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Smart 3D Version
11 (2016)
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version
7.1 (2018 R1)

Updates, prints, and refreshes document batch jobs without requiring a dedicated computer for the operation.

Available Actions

Lists the actions that you can perform within a batch job. The actions available are based on permissions and document type.

  • Refresh - Refreshes documents on a batch queue.

  • Full Update - Updates all drawings regardless of the status of the documents, changes to the model, view styles, or graphic rules changes.

  • Update - Updates documents on a batch queue.

For reports, embedded reports, and SmartPlant Review Direct documents, the software only updates a document if it is in Out Of Date state. The software does not consider any changes made to the model, view styles, or graphic rules.

  • Save As - Specifies the file format to which to save Smart 3D drawings.

  • Print - Schedules a document to be printed from a batch queue.

Actions to Queue

Lists the actions that are performed in the batch job.

  • Remove - Removes an action from the queue.

  • Clear - Removes all actions from the queue.

Action Options

Defines the parameters of an action. The displayed options depend on the selected action.

Template Name

Saves print settings as a template. Type a name in the box, and click Save Settings as Template. While optional, creating a new template is a quick method to submit a batch job with the specified options.

Save Settings as Template

Creates a user-parameterized action.


Removes a template from Available Actions. This option is available only on user-created templates.

Save As

For more information on the Save As action options, see Save As Dialog.

In the Output Folder field, select a shared folder through its UNC path. A UNC path has the general form of \\server\share.


  • Printer – Displays all printers configured on the client computer. The name of the printer on the batch queue must match for the print to be successful.

  • Copies – Specifies the number of copies to print.

  • Black and White – Prints a black and white drawing, if checked.

  • Orientation – Indicates the orientation of the printed output. Select Portrait or Landscape.

  • Paper Size – Displays the paper sizes supported by the selected printer.

Use 64-bit if available

Updates drawings with 64-bit processes. This option is only available for Update actions performed on composed drawings.

If you select Use 64-bit if available and run Update on a folder component containing composed drawings and other drawing types, the composed drawings are updated with 64-bit processes. All other drawings are updated with 32-bit processes.


Creates the job and opens the Schedule Batch dialog box.

If you click Schedule with no actions in Actions to Queue, you receive a message, and the dialog box remains open.