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Creates a report of Slip On Flange Setback Distance to be used for review and approval of the reference data in your catalog.

It is located in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Reports\Types of Reports\Catalog Engineering Checks\Piping\Plant Rules\Slip On Flange Setback Distance folder.


Identifies the XML code used to define the report.

Index tab

   Worksheet Name


Slip On Flange Setback Distance tab

   Nominal Piping Diameter From #PGDB::NominalPipingDiameterFrom#

   Nominal Piping Diameter To #PGDB::NominalPipingDiameterTo#

   Nominal Piping Diameter Units #PGDB::NominalPipingDiameterUnits#

   End Standard #PGDB::EndStandard#

   Company Practice Gap #PGDB::[lbl_CompanyPracticeGap]#

   Company Practice Round Off Factor #PGDB::[lbl_CompanyPracticeRoundOffFactor]#

   Maximum Weld Thickness #PGDB::[lbl_MaximumWeldThickness]#