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11 (2016)
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7.1 (2018 R1)

The Spreadsheet Report component allows you to define report templates and create report deliverables.

The software features a tabbed editor called the Report Template Editor that allows you to create and modify report templates. Most of the delivered reports use a combination of filters and SQL. The Report Template Editor includes an interface for entering database query syntax and testing the results of a query as part of the report. The editor also features an Excel component in which you can perform a drag and drop operation of attributes onto a worksheet. The default format of all reports is Microsoft Excel format.

After you make changes to a template, you can test the template by using the Update Document(s) or Update Now command. For more information on updating documents, see Updating Documents.

There are several types of spreadsheet reports delivered with the software. They are defined and described in the Reports.xls workbook. For more information on the workbook, see the Drawings and Reports Reference Data Guide.

  • Microsoft Excel 2003 is the minimum supported version for the Drawings and Reports task.

  • Excel 2007 uses a new file format and extension (.xlsx). However, the delivered report templates still use the old .xls extension. If you create a report template with the .xlsx extension, only machines with Excel 2007 will be able to handle (edit, update, or open) the report. If you attempt to open a .xlsx file with an older version of Excel, an error message displays stating that the file is not compatible with the version of Excel.

  • If you are using Office 2003, in Microsoft Excel under the Tools > Macro > Security > Trusted Publishers tab, check the Trust Access to Visual Basic Project option.

  • If you are using Office 2007 and above, click the Microsoft Office button to access Excel Option. Go to the Trust Center category and select Trust Center Settings. Select the Macro Settings category, and check Trust access to the VBA project object model.

  • For more information about Microsoft Office and service packs, refer to the Microsoft web site.

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