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Documents must be up-to-date, and the required Discipline property must be defined in order for the documents to be available for publishing. An error message displays if one or more of the documents found by the Find Documents to Publish command do not meet this criterion. See also Set properties for publishing documents and Updating Documents.

  1. From the Drawings and Reports task, click SmartPlant > Find Documents to Publish Command.

    • This command is available only if you have registered the model using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard.

    • This feature is also available by clicking the Find button on the Publish Dialog.

    • The Find Documents to Publish command determines which documents need to be published or re-published and displays the results of the search in the Find Documents to Publish Dialog.

  2. From the Select documents to publish list, check the boxes that correspond to the documents to publish.

    You can quickly select the entire list by clicking Select All, or you can clear the entire list by clicking Clear All.

  3. Click OK to accept the selections. The documents selected for publishing now display in the Documents to Publish list on the Publish Dialog and can be saved by publishing the documents. See Publish documents.