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Specifies the time and day you want the batch job to start. When you click Next, the final wizard page displays the batch schedule settings. If the schedule is incorrect, click Back to return to previous wizard pages and make corrections.

Start time

Specifies the time for the batch job to start. You can select a time using the scroll button or define a time in the format shown.

Perform the job

Specifies the day option for updating the batch job. The options are described as follows:

Every Day

The batch job runs every day at the time specified at the top of the wizard page.


The batch job runs every weekday (Monday through Friday) at the time specified at the top of the wizard page.


You specify a number of days in the field provided. The batch job runs once per the specified count of days. For example, if you specified 2 as the value, the batch job runs once every 2 days.

Start date

Specifies the date on which the batch job begins.

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