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Smart 3D Version
11 (2016)
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version
7.1 (2018 R1)

Displays a list of jobs that have been submitted to the batch server, and allows you to view or manage those jobs. You can open this dialog box by clicking Tools > Batch Management Command.

Click a column header to sort the batch job table by the column definition.

Job Name

Displays the name of the batch job. Non-scheduled batch jobs use the name of the drawing or drawing component type being processed.


Displays the name of the batch server processing the batch job. Batch jobs are submitted to a queue on the model database. The batch servers retrieve the jobs from the queue in a first-in/first-out order.

Parent Component (for Drawings)

Identifies the name of the parent component for the batch job.

Filter Name (for Common)

Identifies the name of the filter used for the batch job. See Batch Dialog (Submit Batch Job).


Displays the type of the batch job request. For example, Update or Print.


Indicates the current status of the batch job. For example: Updating, Submitted, Scheduled, or Printing.


Displays the name of the owner of the batch job.


Shows the date and time that the batch job was submitted or scheduled.


Indicates how the batch job has been scheduled. For example: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One time only, and so forth.

Action Menu


Suspends the selected idle jobs. A job that is updating will not pause.


Removes the hold on the paused items. This command has no effect on jobs that are already processing.


Deletes the selected jobs from the queue.


Displays the Properties Dialog (Batch Management Command) for the selected job. This command is inactive if multiple jobs are selected.

View Menu


Turns the display of the status bar on/off.


Refreshes the display of the batch job list.