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11 (2016)

Sets options for drawing properties.

If you access this tab after selecting multiple drawings, these fields appear empty, regardless of the information defined for any of the drawings individually. Any information you add to this tab overrides the previously defined information in corresponding rows in all selected drawings.


Displays the name of the property.


Sets the current value of the property.


Specifies whether to inherit or override a property in the hierarchy of items in the Management Console. If the property is Inherited, the setting comes from items higher in the hierarchy. If the property is not read-only, you can provide a new, overriding value for the property by changing the behavior setting to Override. This new value then propagates to other items deeper in the hierarchy. If you set the behavior to Force Override, the property setting is forced to items deeper in the hierarchy, even if they are set to Inherit.

Place Label QAD

Specifies quick access dialogbar (QAD) that loads when you open a drawing. Customize a QAD using the Edit Place Label QAD Command.

  • You need to bulkload the [Product Folder]\CatalogData\BulkLoad\AdditionalDataFiles\DrawingPlaceLabelQADProperties.xls file to the database to display the Place Label QAD option in the Custom tab.

  • Use the procedure below to show or hide the Place Label QAD PlaceLabelQAD command in the <Drawing EditorName>.

    1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Preferences, and then open DrawingsEditorSettings.xml in a text editor.

    2. Locate the Preferences node and set the PlaceLabelQAD isEnabled value to 0, as shown below. The Place Label QAD PlaceLabelQAD command does not display in the SmartSketch Drawing Editor. Setting the value to 1 displays the Place Label QAD PlaceLabelQAD command in the SmartSketch Drawing Editor.


    3. Save and close the XML file.

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