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12.1 (2019)

Point clouds are created by 3D laser scanners. These devices measure a large number of points on the surface of an object, and output a point cloud as a data file. The point cloud represents the visible surface of the object that has been scanned or digitized.

Smart 3D provides vendor-neutral point cloud data integration within the modeling software environment. Using point clouds saves redrawing an object, while still being able to add to it or build on top of it.

The following picture shows a point cloud and Smart 3D design objects. The Workspace Explorer shows the Laser Point Cloud along with other design objects. The toolbar includes a new menu, Accessories (or Cloudworx when using Leica), that contains options from the third-party point cloud vendor.

Point Cloud Vendors

Smart 3D provides support for the point cloud vendors Trimble, Leica Geosystems, Quantapoint, and Z+F UK, however, only Leica Geosystems Cloudworx has been certified on Smart 3D Version 2019 (12.1). All vendors provide interface software that allows existing conditions captured with laser scanners to be viewed in the design environment. Follow the directions in the point cloud vendor documentation for using their point cloud functionality.

All clients referencing Z+F Point Cloud data need to turn off the Smart 3D hardware with the CoreDisplaySettings.ini file.

Accessing Point Cloud

The third-party software that provides the point cloud data, adds an Accessories (or Cloudworx) menu to the Smart 3D menus. From the Accessories (or Cloudworx) menu you can open the point cloud. You can also locate the point cloud in the filters.

Selecting a Data Point

To select a particular point in the cloud, press and hold the CTRL+SHIFT keys and click the data point.(Point selection, especially for measurements, should only be done in orthographic mode, not in Perspective.)


You can measure point-to-point within the cloud and cloud point-to-3D object. Select Tools > Measure, or click on the toolbar.

Interference Checking (IFC)

You can use IFC on the local database to ensure the additions to the point cloud are good. Select Tools > Check Interference.

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