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You must install the Database Interference Detection Service option in order to monitor interferences. For more information about installing and configuring this service, see the Smart 3D Installation Guide available from Help > Printable Guides.

 The user account running the IFC Windows service must have at least Read access to the SharedContent folder. Otherwise, IFC generates a bad part marker with clashes against structural fireproofing.

A Smart 3D Interference Detection Service icon is placed under the model node in the Project Management tree. After the proper access permissions are configured, you can start and stop the Database Detect process from any computer on which the Project Management option is installed.

The Smart 3D database hierarchy is comprised of a model configuration that consists of the model and catalog databases. For the IFC Database Detection process to run correctly, permissions must be set on the model and model permission groups according to the following guidelines:

Log on privileges for the IFC Administrator include:

  • Write access to the model database at a minimum.

  • Full Control permissions or access on a minimum of one permission group.

    In the Project Management task, create a new permission group folder and permission group under the model icon to store the IFC results. For example, type IFC Permission Group Folder and IFC Permission Group in the New Permission Group Folder and New Permission Group dialog boxes, respectively. For more information, refer to Create IFC Permission Group Folder and Permission Group.

  • Read access on all other model database permission groups at a minimum.