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The CommonPartCodelists.xls workbook defines the acceptable values for common part attributes in the catalog. The workbook is delivered to the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\Planning folder, and is bulkloaded into the catalog.

Each worksheet described below represents an attribute category in the catalog. Each worksheet has the following codelist values:

  • ShortDescription - Short description of the value. The maximum length is 256 characters.

  • LongDescription - Long description of the value. The maximum length is 256 characters.

  • Codelist Number - Unique number to identify the value. The number only needs to be unique within the attribute category (that is, within the worksheet).

  • Sort Order - The order in which the codelist values appear in the software. If left blank, the order on the worksheet is used.

ObjectTypes Worksheet

Contains codes for object types used when determining common parts.

GroupBy Worksheet

Contains codes for grouping the common parts either by sub-assembly or by selected assembly.

1 - Each sub-assembly - Creates common part managers at sub-assembly level.

2 - Selected sub-assembly - Creates common part managers at the selected assembly level. This is a default option in the catalog.

The Group-By codelist is used in the Itemized Part Rule Set worksheet of the CommonPartRules.xls workbook.