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If you are using database users to access the databases on the database servers, you must create database access ini files using the Configure DB Login File utility. You do not need this utility if you are using Windows authentication to control access to the database servers.

The ini files contain the name of the database server, the database user name, and the database user password. We recommend that you use two ini files, one for administrators and one for general users.

If you plan to use commands that work with databases across different sites (such as Model Data Reuse or Bulkload Reference Data), you must include all database servers, user names, and passwords for all databases in both sites in a single ini file.

Smart 3D administrators must secure the ini file using the operating system to prevent unauthorized access.

  1. Double-click ..\Smart3D\ProjectMgmt\Tools\bin\ConfigureDBLoginFile.exe.

  2. Click New.

  3. Define the ini file name and the folder location.

  4. Select the Database Type.

  5. Click Add Server.

  6. Type in the name of the database server, the database user name, and the database user password in the appropriate cells.

    Database server names must be unique in the file.

  7. Click Test.

    Access to the database server is tested using the defined user name and password. Passed appears if the connection was successful. Failed appears if the connection failed.

  8. Click Save.

    You cannot save a file if there are failed connections.