Additional bulkload updates - Intergraph Smart 3D - Reference Data

Intergraph Smart 3D Material Handling Reference Data

Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
12 (2018)
  1. If required, bulkload the following files, based on your project requirements, in Append mode to the MHE catalog from the $\Smart3D\MaterialsHandling\CatalogData\Bulkload\DataFiles folder.

    • Chilean_StructXsections.xls

    • Chinese_StructXsections.xls

    • Australian_StructXsections.xls

    • AISC_StructXsections.xls

    • JIS_ StructXsections.xls

  2. Bulkload SM_SRDConstDetailsEndCuts.xls in AMD mode to the catalog from $\Smart3D\ShipCatalogData\Bulkload\DataFiles\StructDetail.