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Registers a model database with the SDx environment. Before you can share data between Smart 3D and SDx, you must use the Integration > Register with SDx command to first authenticate and then register your model with a plant in SDx.

The Register with SDx command is not available for Oracle databases.

Registration enables you to connect a model to the integrated environment to perform as-built tasks, such as assigning a project or synchronizing Smart Interop Object data between Smart 3D and SDx. You can register each model only once. To distribute design work more efficiently, you can register multiple Smart 3D models to a single SDx server

During registration, the software maps the selected Standard or Change Management model and all the projects associated with it to a single SDx server URL that points to one SDx database. The relationship that you create during registration includes a unique signature for the authoring tool Smart 3D and model combination. The tool signature tracks where data is coming from when synchronized, which enables SDx to segregate data from different sources. After the model is registered, the information is added to the Databases tab of the Model Properties Dialog.

When you register a Standard model with SDx, the software shares its 3D material styles to the SDx server. When you register a Change Management model with SDx, the software fetches those 3D material styles from SDx to the Change Management model.

  • To create a new SDx registration or to modify current registration settings for a Change Management model, you must open Project Management using the Run as Administrator option.

  • You must have Full Control permissions at the model level to access the Register with SDx command.

  • The Register with SDx command is also available from the Integration fly-out on the shortcut menu. To display the shortcut menu, right-click a model in the Project Management tree.

  • The SDx login used during registration must be SystemAdminPAB or ProjectAdminPAB on the plant to which you are registering.

  • Every request (register, share, and so on) is authenticated before it is completed. Authentication is completed using one of the Authentication servers: the SmartPlantFoundation authentication server, the SmartAPIManager (SAM) authentication server, or the Okta server.

  • Okta authentication server with IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication) is not supported.

  • You must obtain the required authentication data from your SDx administrator before registering the model with SDx.

Authentication Dialog

Register Dialog

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