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  • The Release Claim command requires that an As-Built project currently exist.

  • 3D design objects created in the Change Management model cannot be released from an As-Built project. You must manually delete these objects from the model.

  • In a Change Management model, make sure that you save your session file before using the Release Claim command on a large set of objects (current limit is 5000). After calling the Release Claim command, reopen the saved session file and refresh the workspace to display the changes and to continue working in the session.

  1. Select objects in the model by clicking in a graphic view, dragging a fence around objects, or selecting by filter.

  2. Click Project > Release Claim.

    The software reassigns the selected objects back to the as-built for a WBS project or back to initial state for an As-Built project and removes any relationships to the other Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) items or As-Built model, such as contracts.