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Opens the Re-Synchronize dialog so that you can review the design objects in the project that the Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service has picked up for to synchronize to SDx. If needed, you can mark design objects and force the Share Service to re-synchronize them to SDx.

There are many instances for choosing to force the Share Service to re-synchronize a design object. For example, if the material definition for a successfully synchronized object has changed, you can mark the object to be picked up again by the Share Service and synchronized to SDx. However, the most common instances are when:

  • The service was able to synchronize an object to SDx because of a data error. In this instance, you must resolve the data error and then re-synchronize the object to SDx.

  • A new property is added or mapped to the object. In this instance, you should re-synchronize the updated object to SDx.

Re-Synchronize Dialog

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