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Installation & Upgrade
Smart 3D Version
12.1 (2019)

The ability to run the software successfully is greatly affected by the order in which all the necessary and underlying products are loaded. Follow the loading order below to prevent components being out-of-sync. Following this loading order also helps with analysis of any post-installation problems you might encounter.

The following table outlines the established load order for the prerequisites associated with each of the Smart 3D installations:

Database Server Installation

Workstation Installation

Windows Server 2016

Windows 7 SP1 Professional or Enterprise with UAC 'On' at Level 3 (Default) (64-bit)

Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise with UAC 'On' at Level 3 (Default) (64-bit)

Microsoft .NET 4.6 or later

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or later

Microsoft Edge Browser or Internet Explorer 11

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

Microsoft Office 20162

Oracle Database 12c R2 ( Standard Edition 2 or Enterprise Edition (64-bit)

Oracle Database 12c R2 ( Client Release 32-bit; (Do not use the Oracle "light client" as it does not include some DLLs required by Smart 3D.)

Oracle Database 12c R2 ( Client Release 64-bit is required if you are running 64-bit Interference Checking or 64-bit Drawings Batch.



Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (Standard Edition for stand-alone environments; Enterprise Edition for Global Workshare environments; 64-bit)

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2016 or 20171; (64-bit)
Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 20121

Intergraph Smart® Licensing

SmartSketch 2018 (10.0 or later), if you are doing Material Handling

Install other SmartPlant applications, such as SmartPlant P&ID, before you install Smart 3D if you plan to run both applications on the same computer. Always install Smart 3D last.

1 Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is required if Project Management is installed. Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012 must be installed on all workstations.

2 When creating drawing borders or embedded reports within the Drawings and Reports task on computers with Office 2016, you must modify the security settings in Microsoft Excel to allow Visual Basic projects to run. For more information about Office 2016 and service packs, refer to the Microsoft web site.

Do not skip any restarts that are recommended by the system. Doing so can have unintended consequences.

Other users who want to perform different tasks in the overall design workflow might need additional software, such as:

  • Visual Basic 6.0

  • Visual Studio 2015 with update 3

  • Siemens Solid Edge ST5 and ST10

  • MicroStation 8 - only required if 3D DGN output will be created. MicroStation 8 has a file size limit that is limited only by the operating system. MicroStation 8 can be used to open DGN files created with MicroStation J (V7).

  • SLDE (Smart Laser Data Engineer) 1.4.1

  • SLDM (Smart Laser Data Manager) 9.2.1

  • CloudWorx for Smart 3D 2018 (12.0)

  • Tekla Structures Version 21

  • Tekla Smart 3D Interoperability Version 6 link

Additionally, if you intend to export PDS projects, you must install the appropriate PDS add-in. The PDS data export add-ins are delivered on the product media.

  • This version of the software supports PDS 2011 SE and PDS 2011 R1 SE.

  • PDS software and all of its prerequisite software are also required in order to use the PDS integration functionality. For more information, see Integrating with PDS.

Special Consideration for Non-English Locales

The system language specified for Microsoft Office must be the same as the system language specified by the operating system. For example, if your operating system language is English, Microsoft Office must also be set to English. For overall assistance with installing the software in a non-US English environment, visit the support web site at

Virus Scanners and Performance

Other programs running on the computer, such as virus scanners, media players, and mail programs, might affect the performance of Smart 3D. Virus scanners affect performance by continuously checking the data files and log files. Exclude the database data folder on the database server from the virus scanner. For maximum performance, reduce the number of processes running while using Smart 3D.

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