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Installation & Upgrade
Smart 3D Version
12.1 (2019)

Installing the Smart 3D PDS Model & Data Translators component further extends the PDS integration capabilities by allowing you to export Piping, HVAC, Electrical, Equipment, and Structure model data from PDS into Smart 3D.

Before installing the Smart 3D PDS Model & Data Translators component, you must install the following prerequisite software on a computer on which the Project Management and Server Connectivity options are also installed:

  • Intergraph Batch Services

  • RIS_Share (RIS Shared Components)

  • MicroStation 8

  • Intergraph Smart Licensing

  • PD_Shell (Plant Design System environment)

For more information about acquiring these components, please contact Customer Support.

Refer to Install Smart 3D Client Software for setup instructions.

The Smart 3D PDS Model & Data Translators component is a separately licensed product. Before attempting to install the component, please contact Customer Support for licensing information.

For more information about exporting PDS model data into the software, see Smart 3D Common.