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12.1 (2019)

Equipment Modeling Capability

Whether using one of the delivered symbols or a custom symbol that you define yourself, symbols are a key building block used to create your model. The software uses two basic types of symbols: 2D and 3D.

The 2D symbols are used to represent structural member cross-sections. Two-dimensional symbols for structural cross-sections are delivered in the [Product Folder]\3DRefData\SharedContent\CrossSections and [Product Folder]\3DRefData\SharedContent\Profile Xsections folders. You can use any of the defined cross-sections or define your own cross-sections using the software's 2D Symbols application. This application allows you to define different representations for the cross-section using layers. You can also define variables to drive the dimensions of the cross-section symbol.

An extensive library of 3D symbols is delivered in the various subfolders located in the [Product Folder]\3DRefData\SharedContent folder on the reference data server computer. The 3D symbols are used to represent equipment, hangers, HVAC components, piping components, and so forth in your model. You can also create custom three-dimensional symbols using the SmartPlant 3D Symbol/Part Definition Wizard.

The SmartPlant 3D Symbol/Part Definition Wizard allows you to create and customize three-dimensional symbols that fit your company or project. The wizard produces a project for building the symbol ports and graphics, and generates an Excel workbook for bulkloading the symbol data into the Catalog database.

While not prerequisite software, you can also use Solid Edge with Smart 3D. With Solid Edge, you can build intelligent equipment reference data libraries of base parts that can be placed into the Smart 3D model. An entire catalog of standard equipment can be modeled with Solid Edge, as well as custom, one-of-a-kind equipment for specific plants.

Additional information on the software's equipment modeling capabilities, including parameter descriptions of the delivered symbols, how to create 2D and 3D symbols and incorporate them into your reference data, is available in the Smart 3D Reference Data Guide, the 2D Symbols User's Guide, and the 3D symbols documents for Piping, HVAC, Equipment, Electrical, and Structure tasks. Each of these documents is available from Help > Printable Guides in the software.

Isometric Drawing Capability

The software's isometric drawing interface gives users the ability to create piping isometric drawings by extracting data from 3D models. Additionally, the Smart 3D isometric drawing interface works with IsogenĀ® software that not only enables users to create piping isometric drawings, including dimensioning, but that also allows users to generate notes, recognize attribute changes, and define which symbols to use in the final drawings. Knowledge of isometric drawings is required to effectively utilize this functionality. For more information on isometric drawing capabilities, see Isogen Isometric Drawings.