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The reference data for the Hole Management task is divided into the following areas:

  • Hole rules for calculating clearances, selecting fittings, checking manufacturability, and placing hole traces.

  • Catalog parts for hole traces, which include general holes and cableway holes.

  • Catalog parts used with holes, such as pipe sleeves, cable coamings, and conduit seals.

  • Example of catalog equipment with hole aspects. This equipment creates hole traces when penetrating structure objects.

  • Hole codelists in the catalog, which define attribute values.

Each type of reference data for the Hole Management task has a different set of related reference data files.

Hole Management Reference Data Matrix

The table below shows the relationships between the different types of reference data and their related files:

Reference Data

Visual Basic/.NET Rules

Bulkload Workbook

2D Symbols
Visual Basic

Defines all codelist values used by Hole Management

Code List Workbook

Places hole traces in the model

Hole Trace Custom Assembly Definition Rules

Hole Traces Workbook

Hole Trace 2D Symbols


Defines names of Hole Management objects

Hole Naming Rules

Naming Rules Worksheet

Defines best fit clearances

Best Fit Clearance Rules

Hole Management Rules Workbook

Selects hole fittings

Fitting Selection Rules

Hole Management Rules Workbook

Fitting Worksheets


Example equipment with hole aspects in the Catalog

HoleMgtEquipment Workbook


Checks manufacturability of holes

Check Hole Rules

Check Hole Rules Worksheet

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