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Each task in the software that creates new parts in the model automatically generates a name for the parts using defined rules.

The reference data for naming rules consists of a list of part classes and associated naming rules. You can use the same naming rule for more than one part class. For more information about naming rules in the software, refer to the Intergraph Smart 3D Programmer's Guide. This guide is available when you install the programming resources from Intergraph Smart® Support.

Naming rules are intended to generate a name for the Name property of objects. Naming rules should not be used to set any other properties.

The software often includes new naming rules with each version. If you are migrating your reference data from a previous version and want to use the new naming rules, you must add the new naming rules to the GenericNamingRules.xls workbook and then bulk load.

You should not create weld naming rules or use labels that generate weld identifiers with spaces in them. The WeldNumberLabel allows you to customize weld identifiers on isometric drawings. This label should not, under any circumstances, result in the generation of an identifier with spaces in it. Weld identifiers with spaces are not supported.

If you modify the SolverProgID value for a Piping Specialty (CPRtePipeSpecialtyOcc) Naming Rule, Smart 3D automatically changes the SolverProgID values for both the Piping Component (CPRteComponentOcc) and Instrument (CPRtePipeInstrumentOcc) Naming Rules as well. This happens whether you edit the value in Catalog or through a bulkload.

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