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The software provides several options for naming the electrical objects that you create. These naming rules are listed in the GenericNameRules.xls spreadsheet located in the [Product Folder]\CatalogData\Bulkload\DataFiles folder: For more information on creating naming rules, see the Reference Data Guide.


Use this option to let the software name the electrical object.

User Defined

Use this option to define a custom name. You do not need to select this option explicitly. When you enter text in the Name box, the value is automatically set in the Rule field. 

Cableway and Conduit Runs

The default naming rule for cableways and conduit runs is a combination of the parent system name, the run type, the service level, if applicable, and a sequence number.

The following shows the naming rule format, as delivered:

The following samples show the implementation of the naming rule for a cableway and a conduit run.

The sequence numbering for electrical runs is contiguous and unique within the system containing the run. Users have no control over the sequence number.

Cable Tray Parts

The default naming rule for a cable tray part is RunName-TRAY-SequenceNumber where RunName is the name of the parent run and TRAY is a hard-coded string.

The following sample shows the implementation of the cable tray naming rule. 


The default naming rule for a cable is CableRun-SequenceNumber where CableRun is a hard-coded string.

The following sample shows the implementation of the cable naming rule.

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