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For additional information on each process step, refer the links provided for Smart Reference Data Plus (SPRD) or Standard Database (SDB):

  1. Create and maintain components for all disciplines, including rule-driven data.

  2. Create and maintain geometrics including rule-driven data.

  3. Create and maintain symbol management.

  4. Create Piping Specification data to ensure consistent adherence to industry standards and to global and regional regulations using a set of specific rules.

  5. Define Smart 3D Integration Configurations, mappings and template data with necessary retrieval methods to produce Smart 3D Compatible Bulkload files.

  6. Run Transfer job with SRD Verification sets and reports to check the correctness of Smart Reference Data before exporting to Smart 3D.

  7. Verify to see if the transfer job is successful or not. If there are any errors or warnings, repeat from step 5. If there are no errors and job is successful, proceed to the next step.

  8. Run Transfer Job and generate Smart 3D Bulkload files along with Symbol DLLs and Symbol View files.

  9. Bulkload Smart 3D Catalog either using Excel Export Workbook or use Load API option in SRD, which enables direct Bulkload of Exported Data to Smart 3D Catalog.

  10. Allow Bulkload Specs in Smart 3D Model.

  11. Run Verify Consistency between piping spec and catalog.

  12. Check if piping specification and catalog data are consistent. If they are not consistent, repeat from step 5. If they are consistent, proceed to the next step.

  13. Run Catalog Placement Tester tool in Smart 3D to test all the components which are referred in Piping Specification.

  14. User can make visual inspection of all the placed components and review the summary log file that contains the Placement results.