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The Recommendation Configuration is supported by Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Create project and staging area.

  2. Import Smart 3D data to the staging area. You can either create or select an existing configuration to import Smart 3D data to Smart Reference Data. The configuration is used to import Smart 3D data into a project and then map the imported data with the existing data of SRD project.

  3. Configure staging area for recommendation assisted mapping.

  4. Switch to Training Mode to start training the configuration. The SRD application initially displays a filtered list of recommended commodity codes or codelists in the staging area. Using the filtered list, you must train the configuration by mapping the commodity codes or codelists with table details based on the selected mapping type. Based on the number of mappings you perform, the configuration is trained, and the accuracy keeps increasing.

  5. Switch to Production Mode. After you finish training the configuration, you must change the mode of configuration from Training to Production. Once the configuration is in Production mode, based on the mappings performed while training the configuration, the software suggests the commodity codes in production.

  6. Map commodity codes and import.

  7. Import Trained Recommedation model. The SDB delivered Recommedation model when imported into SRD instances provides the following benefits:

    • The file reduces the user efforts for manual mapping of commodity codes in the training mode.

    • As a result, there would be valid recommendations of commodity mapping in production mode.

  8. Trained Recommedation model for Smart 3D. The Trained Recommedation model is delivered as part of SDB 12.2 and is found at: <SDB Installation Location>\SDB-SRD AI Annotation File for Smart3D Import\ AIMappings_commoditycode_SDB\ AIMappings_commoditycode_SDB12.2.xlsx.

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