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Intergraph Smart Reference Data
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Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version
  1. After all the specifications have been successfully created, they can be transferred into Smart 3D using transfer Job. Smart 3D Transfer Jobs collects all required data. SDB is delivered with Sample Jobs to export all the delivered Piping specification

  2. Define Transfer Job with Transfer Type, Job Goal, Destination, general Configuration, Smart 3D Configuration Data table Mapping, SRD verification Set, Pipe Specifications etc., to export the required Smart 3D Bulkload data from SRD.

  3. Run Transfer Job with Codelist sheet into a predefined SRD Destination as a prerequisite to run the Spec Verification consistency.

  4. Define geometric tables with generic data attributes as per Smart 3D

  5. Define other geometrics with Smart 3D generic data sheet name and define the values as per applicable standards.

  6. Run Transfer Job with Generic Data sheet into a predefined SRD Destination as a prerequisite to run the Spec Verification consistency

  7. Run Transfer Job to validate the specification.

  8. Smart Reference Data can be delivered to different Smart 3D catalogs. Smart Reference Data keeps track of what was transferred to which Smart 3D instance, to enable incremental (delta) transfers. Each export destination has a name and is characterized by the catalog server, catalog schema server, catalog database, and catalog schema database. If Smart Reference Data is used to feed multiple instances of Smart 3D, all the instances should be configured on this screen with a different destination name. This helps Smart Reference Data to understand what information is already transferred to Smart 3D for each instance/destination combination. The user needs to update the Destination with Interface Version and Symbol Path to extract associated symbol DLLs and symbol Icons from SRD as a ZIP file.

  9. Transfer Job with Verification sets generate reports which shall be used to check the correctness of Smart Reference Data before exporting to Smart 3D.

  10. Once the verification of the data inside Smart 3D is verified as correct, the job goal shall be set to Complete and re-run the same transfer Job to enable direct load API from SRD to Smart 3D catalog.

  11. Allow the piping specification in Smart 3D model on completion of Bulkload to Smart 3D.

  12. Run Smart 3D catalog Verify Consistency between piping spec and catalog

  13. Run Catalog Placement Tester tool and provide the ability for Smart 3D to test all the components referred in Smart 3D Piping Specification.

  14. Perform visual inspection of all the placed components in Smart 3D Model.

  15. Verify the Placement Tester log files and placement results.

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