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Intergraph SRD SDB Work Processes (10.4)

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  1. Define Tool Version with multiple product versions of the design tool.

  2. Define SDB Document Management with Smart 3D Symbol Data referring to DotNet Symbol DLLs, ProgIDs, and Symbol Icons. Symbol library is a set of symbols grouped together for easy access and maintenance. Users can also organize the symbols in hierarchical order as required

  3. Define each Smart 3D DLL with separate Symbol Library Name and Symbol Manager

  4. Define Symbol Library Name with Prog ID as applicable for each symbol DLL

  5. Associate Symbol Library Name with applicable PDB Numbers and its corresponding Symbol preview.

  6. Associate all SDB Piping Commodity Codes referred by Piping Specifications with DotNet Based Symbol ProgIDs from the Symbol Library Manager. Workflow to Define Smart 3D Symbol (PDB) Selection – Level 2 Diagram Workflow to Define Smart 3D Symbol (PDB) Selection – Level 2 Diagram for more detailed workflow

For more details, refer Symbol Library Manager in the Standard Database for Intergraph Smart® Reference Data Help.