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Intergraph SRD SDB Work Processes (10.4)

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The workflows in this document are divided into several Level 1 diagrams representing the major phases related to this wide-ranging activity. The first Level 1 diagram, which serves as a top-level overview, summarizes all the activities in 2 diagrams, with 8 other Level 2 diagrams that show more detail for each process.

The Level 2 diagrams represent the work processes for executing all these activities using Smart Reference Data and other software applications.

This is the list of the swim lane diagrams for the "Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data" workflows contained within :

Level 1 swim lane diagrams

  • Smart Reference Data – SDB Product Group Workflow

  • Manage Corporate and Project-Specific Catalog and Specifications

Level 2 swim lane diagrams

  • Workflow for catalog creation from Standard Database to Smart 3D

  • Workflow to Define Commodity Codes (Commodity Management)

  • Workflow to Define Commodity Geometric Data (Geometric Management)

  • Workflow to Define Symbol Library (Symbol Management)

  • Workflow to Define Smart 3D Symbol (PDB) Selection

  • Workflow to Define Specification

  • Workflow to Define Smart 3D Integration

  • Workflow for SRD Verification and Smart 3D Testing