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The Create Section command displays the Create Section dialog box which is used to create your own cross-sections. Cross-sections are created in the active section table.

Table - Displays the current table where the new section is created. Use the Open Existing Table command to change the active table.

Section Type - Select a section type for the cross-section. Depending on which section type you select, different definition parameters display.

Section Name - Type a name for the section you want to create. The section name is limited to 24 characters.

Section Dimensions - Type the dimensions for the section you are creating. Different dimensions display depending on the Section Type you selected. For the dimension conventions for each section type, see Section Dimensions and Properties.

Because mills use a different fillet radii, sections are created using square corners. No fillets are considered when calculating properties. You need to edit the section properties after creating the section to get correct weight calculations.

Create Area Designator - Toggle on to create an area designator. A designator is a symbol (triad) that is associated with the graphics used to create the section. Designators can be labeled with the section name. The properties associated with the designator can be reviewed by simply selecting the designator. When a designator is created, it is placed at the section's center and indicates the directions of the principle axes of the section.

When a section is associated with an area designator, it is considered to be locked. To unlock the section, you must use the Disconnect command. This option is only available when Section Type is set to Thin-Wall, Arbitrary, or Volume.

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