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The Print to File command writes the sections in the active section table to an ASCII file. The ASCII file name defaults to the name of the selected section table with a .rpt extension. The default directory is the same as the selected section table.

The ASCII file created using this command cannot be used to create a section table. If you want to dump an existing section table to an ASCII file to edit the values then recreate the section table, you need to use the istdump.exe utility. See ASCII File Conversion for more information on creating an ASCII file for generating a section table.

Below is a sample page of an ASCII report created with this option:

**** c:\temp\aisc.rpt ****

NAME W36X300 W36X280

TYPE 1 1

DEPTH 3.674000E+01 3.652000E+01

BREADTH 1.665500E+01 1.659500E+01

WEB THK 9.450000E-01 8.850000E-01

AREA XSEC 8.830000E+01 8.240000E+01

FLG THK 1.680000E+00 1.570000E+00

K 2.812500E+00 2.687500E+00

FILLET R 1.020000E+00 1.020000E+00

Min Holes 7 7

Max Holes 10 10

BTF 5.000000E+00 5.300000E+00

Fy' 0.000000E+00 0.000000E+00

DTW 3.890000E+01 4.130000E+01

Fy''' 4.370000E+01 3.880000E+01

R(F+.3W) 4.390000E+00 4.370000E+00

D/Af 1.310000E+00 1.400000E+00

RI 9.500000E-01 9.500000E-01

NT 3 3

IX 2.030000E+04 1.890000E+04

SX 1.110000E+03 1.030000E+03

RX 1.520000E+01 1.510000E+01

IY 1.300000E+03 1.200000E+03

SY 1.560000E+02 1.440000E+02

RY 3.830000E+00 3.810000E+00

XJ 6.420000E+01 5.260000E+01

ZX 1.260000E+03 1.170000E+03

ZY 2.410000E+02 2.230000E+02

X SH CENTR 8.327500E+00 8.297500E+00

Y SH CENTR 1.837000E+01 1.826000E+01

X CENTROID 8.327500E+00 8.297500E+00

Y CENTROID 1.837000E+01 1.826000E+01

QXX 6.300000E+02 5.850000E+02

QYY 1.205000E+02 1.115000E+02

RZ 3.830000E+00 3.810000E+00

MAX PRINCIPLE I 2.030000E+04 1.890000E+04

MIN PRINCIPLE I 1.300000E+03 1.200000E+03

I POLAR 2.160000E+04 2.010000E+04

PROJ WIDTH 1.665500E+01 1.659500E+01

PROJ DEPTH 3.674000E+01 3.652000E+01

PERIMETER 1.382100E+02 1.376500E+02



X SH AREA 3.154410E+01 2.954130E+01

Y SH AREA 4.663400E+01 4.342358E+01

TAN A 0.000000E+00 0.000000E+00

BACK SPACING 0.000000E+00 0.000000E+00

WARP. CONST. 3.975171E+05 3.651864E+05